Alchemy Solar Finance SaaS Platform

According to research, the global solar power market was valued at more than $50 billion in 2018. Over the next five years, the global global solar power market is expected to exceed $220 billion.

As more government incentives come online and photovoltaic (PV) technology continues to mature, the residential and commercial solar sector will continue to grow.

Solar system installers design complete solutions

For solar installers to own the full customer experience, they need bank sponsorship, a capital market, and software that works with their existing sales tool to manage the onboarding process , underwriting and loan servicing.

Can the subscription be fully automated?

In order to automate the credit decision process, you need software that can automatically verify the owner’s identity to access their credit profile and detect any issues.

Even though the energy bill will be replaced with new financing options, the residential or small business customer won’t be spending more money than they already do.

CRM connectivity and sales tool?

Most solar installers already have a robust system to sell to their customers. From roof design to installation contracts, the finance solution must work seamlessly with their existing CRM tool.

Are there any SaaS solutions for home solar financing options?

Alchemy has spent the past few years working with various solar installers to launch in-house financing options. We have various solar finance arranging processes in place where homeowners and small business owners can complete applications on their own.

Alchemy’s solar financing SaaS solution also includes connectivity to various credit bureaus and underwriting residential and commercial solar customers.

Our decision engine can automatically sign up customers and generate offers instantly through a user interface or API integration into your current CRM solution.

Maximize your conversion rate!

The more lenders you have connected to your sales tool, the more financing you get for your clients.

Having your own software gives you the ability to maximize your conversion rate and give everyone the opportunity to get funded and get solar installations.

Why solar SaaS financing software?

One word, cost. Creating and maintaining an in-house solution costs millions of dollars. Therefore, using a fully customizable software solution will save you money and time to create an exquisite customer experience.

Another reason to opt for a SaaS solution is timing. Building custom software requires lengthy planning sessions, while having to hire the right engineering and support staff.

The third reason is security and compliance. Running a compliant system takes years to perfect. SOC2 Type 1, Type 2 PCI security fences and penetration testing are now a must for any funding platform. Therefore, security audits alone could cost thousands of dollars per year.

The final reason is experience and expertise. At Alchemy, we have solar and software experts who can help you craft the best approach to building your own in-house solar finance solution that coincides with your current finance solution.

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