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The Smart Companies “Founder Program” provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to design, create, finance and launch their business

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says it best, “What is not started will never be finished”. Any business owner or entrepreneur can relate to this sentiment – ​​but more often than not, a business is stopped not by a lack of passion and enthusiasm, but of funding. Building a start-up business is no small feat and undoubtedly requires capital; however, capital is not always easy to find. Those who are not “insiders” in the venture capital community are at a disadvantage here, but what if all entrepreneurs had equal access to the resources and knowledge needed not only to survive in this competitive market space? , but also to thrive?

Christopher Scott, Founder of Smart Companies is proud to announce the launch of the Founders Program, a four-course program containing the insider knowledge to understand how to design their business, create a business plan, understand where to get a start-up loan and satisfy any regulatory requirements so they can start their business. Unfortunately, most business consultants mistakenly refer entrepreneurs to banks and venture capitalists to start funding their startups. In reality, these sources rarely fund startups, so who does?

Leveraging 20 years of industry experience, Christopher Scott created the Founders Program based on proven methodologies and top-notch entrepreneurial resources in an easy-to-follow program based on proven strategies from top thought leaders in the industry. The Founders Program strategically outlines which organizations are ideal for entrepreneurs seeking start-up loans while eliminating procrastination by guiding the entrepreneur step-by-step through the process.

“Struggling to find startup capital? We’ll show you where to look for the best sources of startup capital. With the Founders Program, you’ll be able to identify highly vetted startup lenders, align with their expectations, and build a business .that will help you build wealth and take control of your daily schedule.” – Christopher ScottFounder of Smart Companies

Anxious to create equal opportunities for all, Christopher Scott offers the Founders Program free to low-income individuals working with eligible nonprofit business assistance providers, and at half price to individuals working with eligible nonprofit business assistance providers such as microlenders, community development financial institutions, Small Business Development Centers and SCORE.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and an unwavering commitment to helping like-minded entrepreneurs gain the tools and resources to succeed; The goal-driven vision of Smart Companies has come to fruition.

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Smart Companies is a goal-oriented consulting and education company designed to help entrepreneurs find start-up lenders, offering courses on how to identify ideal lenders, create a business plan and to start a business. Founded and created in 2022 by Christopher ScottSmart Companies seeks to level the playing field by ensuring that entrepreneurs of varying backgrounds and interests have access to education and financing options to start a business and build wealth. Christopher Scott is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, consultant and startup course builder with an unparalleled understanding of proven entrepreneurial strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, Christopher created the Smart Companies Founders Program, a four-part masterclass covering everything you need to know to start a small business from scratch.

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