LendingTree unveils a redesigned customer experience

having facilitated $260 billion in loan financing and has helped more than 111 million customers obtain financing, save money and improve their financial health, LendingTree has been a pioneer in online financial services since the company served its first customer in July 1998, almost exactly 24 years ago. The new brand positioning and redesigned experience comes after months of extensive research and listening to tens of thousands of consumers about their experiences to better understand and meet the financial needs of Americans today. According to a study by LendingTree, 83% of credit card holders are feeling the negative effects of inflation on their monthly budgets and expenses, causing many to rely on financing to make ends meet. Nationally, the rise in PCRs leads to an average increase of more than $250 per month, or more than $100,000 interest over the life of the loans. In a new poll by LendingTree, 70% of Americans believe a recession is imminent, but more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans feel financially unprepared for a recession.

However, it’s not all bad news. LendingTree also found that searching for a mortgage and choosing the lowest offer could save borrowers on average $63,151 throughout the life of the loan, as the interest rates offered can vary considerably from one lender to another, especially in a rising rate environment. A separate analysis found that using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt can significantly boost one’s credit score – an average of 38 points from the month before the loan was granted to when it appeared for the first time on his credit file.

“In this new post-pandemic environment of inflation and economic uncertainty, making smart financial decisions has become increasingly complex. Through our research, we know that people are facing unprecedented anxiety about their money. and want advice from established brands they can trust, which is why LendingTree is delivering on its brand promise,” said Shiv Singh, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at LendingTree. “Consumers aren’t looking for simply a loan, a new insurance policy or a savings account – they want a trustworthy, dependable advisor who is there from start to finish, giving them the right advice, the right tools and the right resources to take financially sound decisions at every stage of their lives.”

Improved customer experience prepares customers for financial success through:

  • Redesigned home page: The website’s all-new homepage puts pricing front and center and makes it easy to view LendingTree’s product offerings, while also emphasizing the hundreds of guides and expertise published by the LendingTree editorial team. business confidence.
  • Tailor-made trip: Using real-time customer feedback in the experience helps personalize the journey based on customer needs. With an easily assimilated language centered on transparency, educational content and support throughout the journey, the new customer experience highlights the offers according to the needs and presents the most relevant information for the user in easily assimilated formats.
  • Brand new Insurance Check-up: LendingTree is offering all Americans free insurance audits to ensure they are receiving the best rates and policies available in this tougher economic environment, as part of LendingTree’s commitment to being the ultimate consumer champion. Homeowners can simply call 1-800-555-TREE to see if there are any insurance savings opportunities based on real-time market data.
  • Humanized approach to building customer relationships: With all-new customer journey segmentation and personalized email communication strategies, LendingTree can stay with customers even after they click “submit” on their loan application by offering ongoing support throughout the process.
  • Monthly newsletter, La Vigne: LendingTree launches The Vine, a monthly newsletter with expert advice, guides and exclusive reports to make sense of the news affecting your portfolio.

“I started LendingTree because I wanted to create an easy way to shop around and compare financing options based on my needs,” said Doug Lebda, founder and CEO of LendingTree. “Over the past two decades, we have significantly expanded our product offering to cover nearly every category of consumer credit, from loans to credit cards to insurance. The personal finance industry has also evolved, giving consumers more options and, in many cases, more confusion.LendingTree is committed to making financial gains easier by providing more support to our customers at every stage of their financial life.We are executing our strategic plan that we shared earlier this year. The new brand experience and direction, supported by an all-new campaign ushers in a new era for LendingTree and is the first transformative steps in a multi-year journey to become the ultimate consumer champion in financial services.”

Launching a new era for the brand, LendingTree has launched an all-new omnichannel marketing campaign featuring award-winning comedic actress, “Saturday Night Live” alum and best-selling author, Molly Shannon. Working with Mekanism, the award-winning creative agency that intersects technology, design, culture and brand stories, the campaign leverages Shannon’s comedic genius to deliver a simple message: LendingTree makes financial success easy.

Watch the new advertising campaign here or here,

About LendingTree, Inc.

LendingTree (NASDAQ: TREE) is the nation’s largest and most experienced online marketplace, created to empower consumers so more people can earn money. LendingTree gives consumers easy access to the best deals on home loans, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, business loans, home equity loans/lines of credit, auto loans and more, through its network of more than 700 partners. Founded in 1996 and launched nationwide in 1998, LendingTree has helped more than 111 million customers obtain financing, save money and improve their financial and credit health through transparency, education and support throughout their financial journey.

LendingTree, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.lendingtree.com

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