Raze Solar reveals why homeowners should go solar now

Florida homeowners save an average of $9,000 through local and federal solar tax credits, but that disappears after this year. Go solar now to maximize savings and lower overall costs.

Raze Solar, one of Florida’s leading solar installers, has redoubled its efforts to provide homeowners in St. Augustine and Jacksonville with the most reliable and efficient residential solar systems on the market. Additionally, Raze Solar helps families take advantage of federal and local tax credits that can reduce the cost of solar panels by 26%.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit, has been one of the most popular federal incentives to increase the growth of solar energy in the United States.

“The Federal Solar Tax Credit provides a 26% tax credit for systems installed this year. The tax credit will be reduced to 22% next year. So homeowners who switch to solar power will save the most,” says Chris McKinney, president of Raze Solar, one of the leading solar companies in florida.

Chris says the solar panels provide free energy for over 25 years and reduce the electric bill to $0. That’s $123 in monthly savings for the average Florida homeowner.

In terms of lifetime savings, homeowners average between $30,000 and $40,000 in energy costs. Add to that the environmental impact of switching to solar panels and sustaining over 8,000 pounds. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year.

Raze Solar also offers in-house financing options that make going solar even more affordable. In addition to federal solar tax credits, Florida homeowners can take advantage of the company’s special financing offer – $0 down, 0% interest, and no payments for 18 months.

Florida homeowners who want to take advantage of the tax credit and install solar panels can schedule a free solar energy audit to find out which residential solar products are needed to eliminate their energy bills. Others who want to learn more about Raze Solar can visit the website for more information.

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