Sheriff: Car theft rings using fake IDs hit Waco dealerships | Local Crime News

“It’s a scam to buy new cars from dealerships with fake IDs,” McNamara said. “These are using real people’s IDs, but they have different photos on them. So they walk into a dealership with driver’s licenses, insurance cards, credit reports in a person’s name real, but it’s not that person. So if dealers check their credit rating and it turns out they have an A-plus rating, they get a loan from anybody and they go off in a brand new vehicle, and it’s all one big scam.

“It’s kind of a clever way to rip off these dealerships with a brand new vehicle, and they take them and they’re gone and they either sell them or chop them up or whatever. But the names on these documents are real people. They have no idea that these thugs are using their identities and names to falsely purchase these vehicles,” McNamara said.

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Of the eight vehicles stolen from the three Waco dealerships, only one, a used Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, was recovered. He was picked up in Houston, McNamara said.

Robinson, who has been charged with multiple counts of identity theft and vehicle theft, remains free on bail.

“That may just be the tip of the iceberg,” McNamara said. “We are not going to let up. We are monitoring this kind of activity and trying to get all dealers to take every precaution to ensure that the identifications of these people are who they are and to contact the people whose name is on the ID, because those we contacted said absolutely that was their name, but they had no intention of going to Waco to buy a vehicle.”

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