Tesla is on a tour of Spain to give test drives to local communities

Tesla toured Spain and offered local communities the chance to test drive its best-selling electric vehicles. The company toured its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles throughout Spain over the summer.

The Valencia area store manager for Tesla, Gonzalo Serratosa Cañamás, shared invitation on LinkedIn.

“Our Tesla on Levante Tour continues!” he wrote on LinkedIn (translated from Spanish).

“After the stop in Altea last week, this week we will be in Jávea, next week in Oliva and in two weeks in Calpe.”

He encourages everyone in the region to sign up for test drives for Tesla on tour. For each city, Tesla invites the local community to take a test drive at various locations. At Olivia, Tesla will showcase the Model 3 and Model Y at the Olivia Nova Beach & Golf Hotel.

At Aranda de Duero, Tesla will offer test-drive opportunities at the Aranda de Duero Supercharger at the Área Tudanca Hotel.

Electric vehicles are in high demand, but Spain saw a drop in June

In a recent study by Lending Tree, the Tesla Model 3 was named the most popular luxury car model in the United States. Additionally, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y were the top two vehicles with the highest percentage of all luxury car loan applications.

These two models are so hot that even used models are being returned for profit. Electric vehicles are selling for an average of 25% more this year compared to last year and even a used Ford Mustang Mach-E is selling for 60% more than last year.

As Tesla and other EV automakers posted record sales growth in June, new passenger car registrations for Spain actually down 8% year over year. And for 2022, new listings are down 12% year-over-year.

Brand awareness and electric vehicles are key for these markets and Tesla supplied both to Spain this summer.

Disclaimer: Johnna is long Tesla.

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Tesla is on a tour of Spain to give test drives to local communities

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