Waymo Via and Uber Freight team up to deploy self-driving trucks

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Waymo Via is partnering with Uber Freight to deploy self-driving trucks across its US network. This long-term partnership combines the Waymo Driver with market technology from Uber Freight to enable the safe and scalable implementation of the Waymo Driver on US roads.

As part of the agreement, the standalone Waymo Via solution will be connected directly to the Uber Freight platform for shippers to access.

It will start with Waymo Via’s test fleet trucks, and later carriers who purchase Waymo Driver-equipped trucks through its Driver-as-a-Service model will be able to sign up for Uber Freight and seamlessly deploy these on-grid assets, enabling them to optimize utilization and grow their business.

Waymo Via also intends to reserve billions of miles of its freight miles just for the Uber Freight network as part of the partnership, freeing up capacity when shippers need it most.

Waymo is owned by Alphabet.

Charlie Jatt, Trucking Marketing Manager, Waymo Via, said, “Uber Freight’s network of shippers, carriers and market technology is a perfect match for the Waymo driver. Through this partnership, we can enable carriers to fully leverage their investments in the Waymo Via solution through Uber Freight and create a great experience for shippers, while focusing on developing the core Driver technology. We are truly excited to see how this partnership can impact the logistics industry and solve critical challenges over the next decade and beyond.

Boris Sofman, Engineering Manager for Trucking, Waymo Via, adds, “Partnering with Uber Freight opens up some really exciting opportunities for us to help evolve the Waymo driver. By combining the Waymo Via solution with the Uber Freight platform, “We will be able to apply market-proven technology to help carriers dynamically deploy the Waymo driver where it is most valuable and performs best. We look forward to seeing what else comes out of this deep collaboration.”

Lior Ron, Head of Uber Freight, comments: “Uber Freight’s extensive, efficient and reliable digital network is essential to making self-driving trucks a reality. We are uniquely positioned to be the preferred network for self-driving trucks, with the scale and market expertise to deploy self-driving trucks in a way that benefits the entire industry. This partnership is an exciting step forward, and we are proud to work alongside the incredible team at Waymo Via to create a hybrid freight network that truly empowers carriers and will usher in a new era of logistics. .

Currently, Waymo Via is testing Class 8 heavy-duty trucks that are operated by the Waymo driver in California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.

It’s also testing local delivery in Arizona with a fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans.

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